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When it comes to live casino games, one of the best known is poker. Chances are that everyone is familiar with at least one kind of poker game. There are several different ways to play poker whether it be online, at the casino, or around your kitchen table with your family and friends. There are even special poker tournaments where people can test their skills against the best, but just how many types of poker tournaments are there?


Before we get into the different kinds of poker tournaments you might need to know exactly what a poker tournament is. Poker tournaments are structured, fixed formatted events that have every aspect predetermined. This not only includes the buy-in, but also the stacks, the blind sizes, and even the time limit. In general terms yes you do enter the tournament to try to win the big pot, but you do not do it just for fun. In these tournaments the playing will continue until just one person is left holding the chips, then the prize money will be distributed according to what was predetermined. Luckily though, the online poker tournaments are done the exact same way.

Freezeout Poker

The majority (if not all) of your poker tournaments fall into what is called a Freezeout Poker Tournament. What a freezeout tournament means is that after you are completely out of chips then you are out of the tournament and you have no option to re-entry or rebuy. This is how most of your major upcoming poker events will be played.


These are your poker tournaments that will allow players to buy back in after they are out of chips (hints the name Rebuy.) Games in this format are perfect for players who have a bad run because it gives them another chance at the big pot. Granted if you take the chance and rebuy and end up busting for a second time, you are out, so it is very important to remember it is only permitted in the early stages of the game.

Turbo and Super Turbo

With your Turbo tournaments, your blind sizes will be increasing way faster than in a traditional poker tournament. In a normal game, the blinds increase about once every 15 minutes, but in a turbo game, they increase every 5 minutes. The blinds increase even faster if you are playing in a Super Turbo tournament. Tournaments like these require players to have a very unique strategy that includes focussing on the aggressive play so you do not lose all your chips to the blinds.

Guarantee Poker Tournaments

This is the most preferred choice because the prize money is, well guaranteed no matter how many players there are. For example, if you enter $100,000 GTD event, then that amount will be divided amongst all of the winners by the end of the tournament. On the flip side, if there is not a guaranteed prize pool, then the winnings are made up of only the buy-ins which could be disappointing for the winner.


Let's say there is an upcoming poker tournament that you really want to get in on but you can not afford a buy-in what do you do? Well, you enter into a satellite tournament. By winning a satellite tournament you end up earning a seat in a much larger tournament for a small fraction of the price, thus lowering the risk factor dramatically.

These along with several other ways to play the beloved game of poker, there is a set up for everyone out there.

Lukas Mollberg

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