How Live Online Casino Reputation Matters

Online casinos with good reputations distinguish themselves from other casinos that don't have this as much in a variety of different ways. Here are a few examples of how casinos with good reputations tend to distinguish themselves from the rest.


Casino License

One thing that stands out and gives a live casino a good reputation is when they have a license. This tends to mean that the casino meets a certain standard for behavior since it's been checked out by a third-party source such as the one from Malta. The license indicates that the casino is secure and that the live casino games being played meet a certain bar for fairness. This means that the odds are actually what the casino says they are, that it is possible to win, the casino does payout to winners within a reasonable time frame, and so on.

Customer Support

Another area where a casino with a good reputation will stand out is when it comes to having effective customer support. This means that the team will get back to the customer within a reasonable amount of time, preferably no more than a day or two and that they will be friendly and help the customer solve the problem.

Customer service that has agents where they are short with customers, yell at them, don't know anything about how the technology or details on the site work, and so on, are going to net the casino a bad reputation in no time flat. On the other hand, people tend to be unbelievably grateful for positive and effective service.


The bonuses on casinos with decent reputations are going to be generous and clear about how they work. They will often be deposit matching at 100% and will give players a healthy amount of extra cash to play within the slots and elsewhere in the casino. In other words, it should be an incentive for the player to keep going and not just a hand wave.

Awards and Certificates

It also helps if a casino has security certificates and awards from respected institutions that show the seriousness and caution of the casino. These certificates could be from places like McAfee, for example, to show that there is a strong level of care being take to make sure that the data of the players are protected and not just easily accessible for anyone who knows anything about the Internet. There should be encryption and security protocols like the AES 256 one, for example, which is a military level of encryption.

It doesn't have to be that one, but it certainly helps to know exactly what you're dealing with and that encryption is involved.

Multiple Devices

Another thing that will go along way to ingratiating people in favor of a particular casino is if that casino has the ability to support multiple different devices on multiple different platforms. People don't like being limited to just iPhone, for example, or only being able to access a program on PC desktop. Mobile casino gaming is becoming more and more popular by the hour, and people want to be able to have options when they access their gaming site.

Overall, casinos with good reputations have gotten this way for a reason, and have covered all their bases when it comes to the features that consumers want. It definitely pays to check out what people say about a casino to make sure it's the right one for you and your particular needs and preferences, however.

Malta Studio

Malta is a country in Europe located in the center of the Mediterranean within Sicily and North African coastline. The studio offers similar live casino games to Latvia but accompanies additional capacity, options, and revenue for the licensing authorities. The studio comprises of live casino games in native language operating for specific licensees. It also has a Mission Control Room supervising all the activities, experienced native speaking dealers, native live casino solutions, for instance, Venezia Roulette and being the largest live Casino provider and infrastructure.

Canada Studio

Evolution gaming also has distributed its live casino gaming services to Vancouver, Canada, similar to Latvia and Malta standards. The studio established from the agreement between the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) and the Canadian Lottery; both organizations developing a shared and dedicated table to operate in Vancouver, Canada. Some of the uniquely of the facility include being the first office outside Europe, streaming through the BCLC's website, offering both shared and dedicated table and availability of top games such as Live Roulette and Baccarat.

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