How to Play Craps by using Betting Systems for a Competitive Edge

There are many different types of Craps betting, and there are systems to help people remember them. While craps are a fun live casino game to play the main thing that people do is bet, and if they’re losing, it’s no longer fun for them. So here are some betting systems to get people integrated with craps and how it works. Starting with Hedge bets, then working to the Rothstein System, then to the Watcher System, and finally to the Hot & Cold Betting System. This post will give details of how each system works so that people have a better understanding of how this game is played, and how it works.


Hedge Bets

This is one of the worst systems in gambling craps it’s supposed to reduce the risk involved in the gamblers, but does it? Well, the answer is not really. If the player gambler on the pass line while also playing “Any craps,” they can’t lose, right? That would be incorrect the math just doesn’t stand behind this system, as in the case of betting on a pass line, you will win a maximum of 8 times while losing 4 times, and getting a no result 24 times in a bet of this caliber across 36 total rolls. So the player will only win a total of 8 times all game. However, if the player bets on both the pass line and any craps, then the winning totals jump up to 12 wins, and 24 loses. So the player will end up losing more than they place in this hedge betting system. It is doomed to fail, and players are better off just betting on the pass line.

The Rothstein System

This system is familiar to many craps players and works the same at the Martingale system. It is a crappy way to play, well, craps. It starts as with players betting a single unit on the pass line, and if they win, the player is up a unit, if they win the next roll, they’re up 2 units. However, if a player loses, they end up having to double the units on their last bet and adding one. For example, If a player losses once, they add in 3 units, which is double 1 unit, and adding one, likewise, losing twice in a row is doubled the last bet and adding one, so on the player's third bet, they would bet 7 units. It’s not that great of a system and flawed, to say the least.

The Watcher System

This system is flawed, and the players who use this system quit after winning their $10 for the day. They simply wait for 4 successive passed rolls, and simply bet don’t pass. Because at that point, the odds of the dice being rolled to pass a fifth time in a row are 31 out of 32 rolls. However, statistically, the dice will land on a pass or fail randomly despite the odds. So losing this bet might happen a little over 50% of the time. However, when these players lose, they simply double their bet, to get their money back plus the $10 they wanted to win. This is flawed simply because the dice are a random chance that has no factorization into other than “It can’t possibly pass again.” So the point is that this is yet another flawed system that people still stand by.

Hot & Cold Betting System

This is a decent system that simply works by betting the pass line when the shooter is hot, then betting “don’t pass line” the second the shooter loses. The goal is to end up riding a winning or losing streak and winning some money.


The systems are always games by the house, and the best system is to have no system at all. This will ensure that the house doesn’t have a cap on you and that you can essentially game the house. Craps is a fun game to play, and players will enjoy every second of playing the rush.

Lukas Mollberg

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