How to Play Craps Like a Pro?

As we all know, craps are taking a real hit in the casino world in the last few years. And its no owner why.

This game, even though it may seem like a piece of cake can be a real challenge sometimes.

But, you certainly can’t deny that it’s really fun; possibly one of the top games in the gambling industry.

So, how can you better your craps game and maybe even win it?

Who knows, maybe you will even become a millionaire!

Observe the Table and the Players With the Most Chips

Since craps is a game that requires a roll of dices and nothing more (physically), you need to get a good look at the world around you.

Since there isn’t much that you can do, the important thing is to look at the other gamblers around you.

craps professional

Their mimics, reactions, and the way they handle the game.

This is a really important step that can make or break your game, no matter if it doesn’t look like that in the first place.  

Know When to Quit the Game

The key to absolutely winning the game is by knowing when to stop and leave the game.

This way, you are saving your game and the money that you can possibly lose if you keep ongoing.

Dont get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious and wanting to win.

casino table

But, when it’s clearly not your day, you need to quit before making a mess and lose the money that you have in your pocket. 

Don’t Follow the Dealer’s Advice

Usually, the dealers are our allies in the game and we need to navigate our game base on them.

But, in this case, its better if you just look at your case and forget about anyone else possibly helping you out.

It’s not worth it, and you can mess your game if you try to wait for a sign from someone else.

Go with your knowledge, and your intuition.

The rest will unfold as it should. 

Don’t Chase Your Losses

Casino games usually require a lot of patience in order to show the results of a successful game.

But, in this case, if you keep on losing without anything getting better any time soon then its time for you to quit.

Simple; dont chase your losses!

It can cost you a lot. If the luck isn’t on your side that day or week, then let it go and wait for another lucky opportunity.

This is the only way you can win the game. 

These are some of the tips that you will need in order to have a successful craps round.

And because of that, you really need to be cautious about every move that you make when playing craps.

But, whatever you do, make sure that you always have fun. That’s the most important thing! 


Ben Williams

Content Writer

Ben grew up in a small beach town on the Coromandel Peninsula. He spent most of his childhood surfing and playing rugby. After graduating from university in Auckland, he moved to Australia to work for a startup. He returned to New Zealand a few years later and started working in the iGaming industry.

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