How to Play Ezugi Baccarat Dragon Bonus

One of the most popular and unique Ezugi Baccarat games is the Ezugi’s Baccarat Dragon Bonus. It is designed with the standard vetting options of a typical Baccarat game, and the side bets are great.

Your winnings can increase when you use the side bets, unlike other side bets options that do not guarantee an increase in winnings. The Ezugi Baccarat Dragon Bonus game has very high odds of about 30:1. You can see how appealing this is even if you are not an expert.

How to Play Ezugi’s Baccarat Dragon Bonus

You can stream the Baccarat Dragon live from Ezugi’s Latin American Studio. The studio in Columbia offers three advanced tables from where streaming can take place. The studio's multiple camera angles and full HD view make it a state-of-the-art one, and you can access the Baccarat Dragon Bonus as the games come.

You can play the Baccarat Dragon Bonus on your desktop computers, tablets, or on your smartphones. A standard smartphone or a flash player on your desktop will suffice for accessing the game.

One outstanding feature of the Baccarat Dragon Bonus contributing to its popularity is its live dealer's feature. Ezugi Baccarat dealers understand the game, and the best of Ezugi Baccarat dealers have been reserved for this Baccarat Dragon Bonus game.

The game has some dissimilarities with other Baccarat games and maybe a little more difficult to conduct. Despite this, the dealers always live up to expectations, little wonder why players constantly give them tips. You can tip a dealer by using the dealer tipping feature.

The Baccarat Dragon Bonus is regulated and licensed by the Curacao Electronic Gaming Authority. Furthermore, bodies like ItechLabs, RSG-Eclipse, BMM, and SSG-Bulgaria have also verified this game.

Features of the Game

As a Baccarat Dragon Bonus player, you can bet on different side bets or bet on the game’s main bet. The main game betting is similar to other Baccarat games, and gamblers can stake on players with a 1:1 odd. You can get 0.95:1 for backing the banker while a tie offers you 8:1 odds.

Most people do not play the Baccarat Dragon Bonus to bet on the main game. The side bets are more appealing to gamblers than the main bets. The largest and most appealing side bets is that of the Non-Natural Bet on a 9 point winning margin. The odd for this bet are 30:1, which means that you can win a high amount if the margin for winning is 9 points.

Aside from the side bets, you can also other forms of non-natural winning margins. You can choose the 8 points non-natural win that has a 10:1 odd or select between a 6-7 point margin with a 4:1 odd. The side bet that offers the lowest risk is a winning point margin between 4-5. Odds under this option are usually low and are pegged at 2:1.


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