Live Craps By Vivo Gaming: Before You Play

The excitement and anxiety players experience while playing Craps in a real-life setting makes it hard to reproduce it in a studio setting. This is the reason most Craps diehard players do not consider playing it online.

However, Craps fans who have no choice have resorted to the online casino version. With Live Craps from Vivo Gaming, lovers of the game will be able to get almost the same experience as the real live Casino from playing online. The software company presents the casino game with the betting table and all the features available in real-life variation.

How to Play Live Craps Online by Vivo Gaming

Craps has a lot of betting features, which are shown on the table and detailed under the game information section. Players must click the chip on the foot of their screen and move it to the right position to hand in a bet.

After the wager has been made, the dice rolls and all the action is displayed on the screen. The camera will zoom in on the betting table. The results of the game will be displayed on a small screen and the wager will be resolve. This usher in another game session.

Live Craps Online Features and Symbols

The added features of this online version of Live Craps by Vivo Gaming makes this game quite interesting. The coin gets bigger as the bet gets larger. They are also buttons to remove the last bet or all bets.

What Else can Players Get?

This game offers players numerous benefits. Some of the most important benefits this game offers include:

  • Interaction and live chat with dealers. This gives players the opportunity to get the feel of an actual casino
  • Transparency in the game with the aid of the camera. The cameras are HD and show players everything happening in the game.
  • State of art gaming commands allows for faster gameplay.
  • Access to game history without disrupting the game.
  • There is a bet tracker on the screen.


Vivo Gaming has made the online version of Live Crap seem not so different from the real-life game and easy to use. Even diehard fans would consider moving to the online version of Live Craps. If you want to play something similar to the land-based casino version, then this is your best bet.


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