Live Roulette by Ezugi: How to Play

This online casino roulette developed by Ezugi is a European type of roulette with a single zero. It is transmitted via a live video recorded at a brick and mortar studio. In the aspect of feature wealth, the game sort of lacks when compared to the solutions offered by competitor developers.

Still, Roulette by Ezugi manages to give gamers an exciting experience through high-quality videos, a smart interface, and enticing deals. Dealers speak in both Spanish and English when the game is ongoing.

Ezugi Live Roulette: Audio and Video Features

You can watch the wheel for roulette and the dealer from two different positions using cameras. One camera focuses on the dealer's front view while the second will give you a bird's eye view.

You can switch the cameras if you like, but the views do not automatically toggle during different phases of the game. The live stream video is of more than average quality, and gamers may select the high and low options for a video found in the settings to adjust it.  The sound is also good, and there are buttons for you to mute the audio and control the volume.

Ezugi Live Roulette: Player Benefits

  • The tables for roulette can seat an unlimited amount of gamers
  • The race track for placing bets that are famous call is very accessible
  • Gamers at the mobile casino can establish contact with the friendly croupiers
  • This version of Roulette supports live chat with the dealer and different views from the camera
  • In the significant window, you can observe previous outcomes and the cold & hot numbers

The Rules of Live Roulette by Ezugi

You play the game of live Roulette using a set of traditional European. You have to accept all bets, inside, call bets, and outside bets. To go with the conventional EXCLUSIVE bets, this live Roulette allows you to play a Black/Red bet that you can split.

This split bet comprises seven or four bets, which are shared evenly on either black or red.  This Roulette by Ezugi makes use of a set payout plan, giving about 2.7% as a house advantage.

You can locate the general area and the race track at the right corner of the screen. This placement is unusual. Tapping the option beside the layout of the table will cause these elements to go off the screen.

Other Features and Statistics of The Game

The stats of Roulette appear when you click on a button that is related to the bar where tools are displayed. Five cold and hot numbers, a grid table, a map wheel, and the top ten numbers are winning the show next. Sadly, there is no option for personal history of betting.

Gamblers have the option of tipping a particular amount to the dealer through the tipping option. A panel has also set up to get messages across to dealers and to contact the support group. When the chat popup is not in use, it collapses and becomes a small panel.


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