Online Casino Loyalty Program: All You Need to Know

Gambling as an art has existed almost since the beginning of time itself. In very early ages, bets were usually cast on sporting events such as horse racing and bull-fighting.

In some instances, death fights involving humans like those common in ancient Greece were also avenues for gambling. Modern casino-style gambling was, however, first invented in the 15th century.

In recent times, online casinos have also become increasingly popular as a fast and ubiquitous alternative to conventional casinos.

There are currently over 2100 physical-house casinos and more than 2800 online casinos all over the globe. The increasing competition has caused several casino chains to roll out VIP and loyalty programs.

Offering loyalty programs is not a compulsory obligation for casinos. Nonetheless, a lot of live casinos offer VIP and loyalty packages to capture a large client repertoire.

These loyalty programs come in different forms. But their primary aim is to award points to frequent players. These points, over time, accrue into special benefits for the player.

Online Casino Loyalty Program System

Points system forms the basis of almost all online casino loyalty programs. Immediately you register on the bitcoin casino platform and credit your account, you automatically become qualified for the program. You stand to gain points for all single real money bets you make, regardless of whether you win or lose the bet.

How Do You Earn Points?

The points you earn are dependent on several factors. These factors include the mobile casino in question, the amount you cast, and the casino game. Most times, you earn higher points when you bet bigger across all gambling boards. Complicated games are popular for awarding higher points to players while simpler games are usually lower on points.

Loyalty programs come in tier systems, each with a minimum number threshold to qualify for the next tier. Each of these tiers also has peculiar benefits attached to them. For you to hold a position within a tier, you will be expected to meet certain requirements. An example of such a requirement could include placing a minimum number of bets within a period.

Perks of an Online Casino Loyalty Program

  • Bonuses: As a qualified member of a loyalty program, you stand to gain extra bonuses. This could range from boosted odds, getting free bets, bet specific bonuses to reload bonuses
  • Exchange points for cash: You can convert your loyalty points into direct money credit.
  • Free spins: You stand to make free spins when you meet a program threshold, such as staying in a tier for up to a month.
  • Exclusive Support: Most online casinos offer robust, exclusive support for their customers who might require assistance. Customer support can get overwhelmed at times for regular customers, but the service is extended and exclusive for loyalty program members.
  • Faster Withdrawals: One of the most outstanding benefits of being a member of a loyalty program is that it affords you speedy transactions. These include cash-outs and withdrawals, all done under a safe and secure platform.

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