Parlay Betting System | Is it Worth Using in Online Casinos?

The Parlay betting system is a strategy that you can use to improve your chances of winning in online or land-based casino games. If you have been using other betting systems without success, you should try the Parlay system.

What is the Parlay Betting System?

The system has a clear objective which is to build a “pyramid” of winnings. Most online enthusiasts and many Blackjackor Texas Hold’em fans use this system to increase the chances of winning. It is one of the most popular betting methods used by many players around the world.

It is a progressive betting system. This method works similarly to most other betting systems. You will just have to keep increasing your bet when you win. This goes in addition to what you wagered in the beginning.

The Parlay betting system began in the 16th century. It was first used in a popular card game called “outcrop,” played by aristocrats.

How does the Parlay System Work?

As with any betting system, your goal is to accumulate winnings. This is achieved by betting only your winnings to reduce your losses. This works by increasing your bet on the next round if your bet has been deemed a winner. However, if you lose, you will have to lower your bet on the next play.

You will have to continue until you have the initial amount of your balance. Once that is done, it is time to start playing the house money for any other bets. The purpose of this is to avoid losing your money on bets. Instead, you may lose what you win on previous bets.

Think of this as taking an interest in some of the money you have in your savings account. When you make a bigger bet by combining your money and the house's money, you will be able to receive a bigger payout.

When you use the Parlay betting system, you will have the opportunity to increase your bet with each win. Keep in mind that what you are using with this system is your winnings, which means that the money you are using is not from your pocket.

How to Use the Parlay System

To use Parlay, it is essential to understand how it works. The first thing to do is to choose an original betting unit.

If you win the bet, you must play the initial value bet plus the winnings obtained. However, suppose you lose your original bet. In that case, you will have to replay the original amount until you have a minimum winning.


Suppose you bet $10 to start with. If you lose, you are obliged to pay $10 in the next round. If you lose again, you must go ahead and bet $10 on the next play. When you win, you need to bet the original amount along with your winnings, i.e., a total of $20. When you win this bet, you need to bet your winnings and your original bet, i.e., a total of $30 and so on.

Advantages of the Parlay System

There are many advantages to using the Parlay betting system in online casinos. Some of these include:

  • Small stakes and low losses: Unlike other systems, Parlay does not encourage large bets. These are usually kept in the low range. This is as a result of only using your winnings to place bets. This means that even if you lose, it will only happen with a small portion of your money.
  • Making money thanks to the casino: Since you use your winnings, this betting system allows you to profit from the house's money.
  • Minimal decision making: Unlike other betting systems, Parlay does not require a great deal of decision-making. All you have to do is let your money go as far as it can.

Disadvantages of the Parlay System

One major disadvantage of this system is that there is no guarantee of consecutive wins. However, the only way to make good money with this system is to have a couple of winning streaks and follow a specific strategy.


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