QTech Seals New Agreement with Spearhead Studios

QTech games are said to be the most prominent casino games distributor in the whole of Asia and other growth markets. The game's distributor has secured more strength in its distribution capacity due to its partnership with Spearhead Studios- an emerging force in the industry.

Benefits Of The New Contract

As a result of this new contract, twenty-five slots and table games belonging to Spearhead will now be made available to the QTech’s partners’ audience. The agreement saw Spearhead delivering some of its progressive and blazing-hot portfolios to the partners of QTech. Some franchises that will now be accessible include Wilds of Wall Street and Book of Souls.

Spearhead is no doubt one of the most creative studios around, and integrating her portfolio will surely be a plus to the QTech gaming company. That means QTech will get to compete for side by side with other well-known brand names like Yggdrasil, Ezugi, etc., by providing these slots in the emerging territory.

The new games have now been optimized to become mobile-friendly, especially with the series, Slider Games, which is one channel at the core of the RNG model of QTech. The model is founded on QTech’s platform and makes it easy for operators and providers to have the quickest possible integration.

The platform has also been undeniably recognized as a global gaming shop and offers the best in customer support and performance. The impact of its unique quality is spread across every available region, both in newly-starting markets and in more grounded markets.

Statement from QTech Games

QTech Games’ CCO, Ulf Norder has shared his thoughts about the partnership with Spearhead. He said QTech is committed to coming up with brand new premium content that pumps in new revenue for its partners. He stated that the new agreement strengthens the company’s reach for the new year.

In the marketplace today, the only thing that makes one stand out from the rest of the crowd is outstanding content, and that gesture has been shown by Spearhead, so he stated.

Statement from Spearhead Studios

Spearhead Studios’ Managing Director has also made some comments about the partnership. He said the objective of his company is to break the norm in the market by making local games that suit the local market. He expressed satisfaction in QTech’s platform, stating that it has all that is needed to achieve this aim.

He said that the team-up will be an outstanding way to foster the distribution of the company's product throughout new territories. The result of this newly available platform is that its exceptional games will now get across a broad-range of top-profile partners. His voice also carried pure anticipation as he stated that he couldn’t wait to see just how the partners will connect with the new audiences.

Also, he stated the possibility of an expansion in the partnership over the coming months.

Finally, he lauded that QTech has kept its brand promise of offering top-quality content to different audiences. That attitude keeps them at the helm of relevance for every type of player throughout budding markets.


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