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Evolution Lightning Roulette combines world-class Live Roulette and advanced RNG gameplay to give a truly great player experience. With usual Roulette bets and extras, live lightning roulette offers players chances to win with Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers. Its user interface is electrifying to make sure players enjoy their time playing with a stunning gold and black art deco environment. It is all a thrilling experience to be part of the platform. Live lightning roulette is among the best products Evolution Gaming has ever produced.

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Evolution Gaming Operations

Evolution gaming provides multiple services in the gambling industry through the use of modern technology. Some of their operations include live casino studios; land-based live casinos, live casino for televisions, promotions, dedicated tables and environments, integration and an evolution academy. As to smoothen their services, the company has a passionate customer service and support team to help players across the world. With a unique business model and personalized strategies, evolution gaming has become the leading online casino provider in the world today.

With a great multiplayer scalability, multiple players can play concurrently. Actually, virtually an unlimited number of players can play at the same time with Live Lightning Roulette. Additionally, Direct Game Launch allows for players to welcome other new players from their Live Casino lobby. Players can also invite others from links in any email, web page or text.

During the Global Gaming Awards held at G2E Las Vegas, Lightning Roulette earned “Product Innovation of the Year”. Additionally, it was awarded “Game of the Year 2018” by EGR after it was voted unanimously by operators of the sector.

Gamers are excited about the Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette with many leveraging its sophisticated features to earn money using best-in-class strategies. Gamers don’t mind digging deep into their pockets to play especially with 500× multiplier. They understand to get good returns, you must be willing to take risks.

The Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette is not just like any other Roulette game. It has a stunning user interface which makes it visually stunning. Additionally, every game round comes with an additionally high-payout RNG Lucky Number. If you’re familiar with world-class Live Roulette, you will realize Live Lightning Roulette has all the elements of the roulette. Talk of the live dealer, the live wheel, and the full line-up of roulette bets. What’s more, there are more to winning than the latter features. Players have extra chances to emerge winners. They get winning while enjoying the electrifying player experience which comes with Lightning Roulette. When it comes to Lucky Numbers, any number in between one and five is boosted by being multiplied by a factor between 50 and 500 in each game round. In other words, the Lucky Numbers are struck by lightning to get huge payouts.

Live Lightning Roulette is a revolution of the traditional roulette. It has much more to the traditional Roulette. Talk of the advanced sound as well as lightning effects. Nothing less than a stunning experience to play Live Lightning Roulette. It involves game show-style environment.

Players are able to stake on all the Roulette bets just the way they would with Evolution Gaming’s standard European Live Roulette. They get extra chances to win with randomly generated Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers. After the bets are accepted, the Lucky Numbers, the amount of Lucky Numbers as well as the amounts of the Lucky Payouts are generated randomly. If the ball acts on the Lucky Number, the Lucky Number pays between 50 and 500:1 provided the player had made a straight Up bet* on the number. You should also note that you will get 30:1 on Non-multiplied Straight Bets. Additionally, all other bets including corners, splits dozens and red/black pay the same amount as standard Roulette. In other words, the other bets on the table pay standard payout but you don’t get to a Multiplier win. The main difference between the Live Lightning Roulette and standard European Roulette is the chance to win up to 500×. A non-multiplier straight up win pays 29:1. On the other hand, a player would get 35:1 for the normal roulette. It is worth noting that multipliers are available if a player bets on straight up numbers.

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