Roulette Strategy Fibonacci increases wins

When playing Roulette you rely on luck to win and that works pretty well. There is the choice of strategies to increase your chances of winning at it. One of the strategies is the Fibonacci System that may increase their wins. As some ideas on getting wins may help you or not this is a choice that works. When you play Roulette the odds are stacked against you each play that's made. This one uses a simple mathematical theory to get the winning numbers. There are many strategies in the Roulette game to use. Using the Fibonacci system has advantages for getting a win. One is that the live casino game is more likely to win but not on every chance.


To understand how this works they start off knowing the basics. This is done by using one number and adding the two previous numbers to give you the next number. This can be seen with this example, 1-1-2-3-5-8-13 and so on. All you have to do is add the two previous numbers together to get it. Now you can understand how to use that sequence in the actual game. This is an even chance betting system. This can be used on Red/Black, Odd/Even and 1-18/19-36. To use this correctly they use the sequence that was given to them. Then you start with one number and work the way through it until it wins. It is a good way to try at roulette but does not always win every time.

The advantages of this is that it gives them a sequence to use every time you play. As you move through it the chances for winning are still there. Compared to an attempt that has just a single bet this is more to try. Close to this type of strategy is the Martingale. They both return to the beginning after it with the profit of 1. But with the Fibonacci strategy you could lose eight in a row and the highest was 21. As with doing the Martingale its possible to lose 256 right away. Then Fibonacci is actually more safe once you compare. But it is not guaranteed to win and no strategy in gambling actually is. A win is achieved after using the steps taken every time.

This is a good type of strategy that will take many tries to use it. You may break even if you bet after winning on number 1 and win. Then go to the next one and win, and then move back to the first one. While using the Fibonacci system remember that losing is something to remember. A disadvantage is that they may end up in a hole that might be hard to get out of. This is how you increase your luck on every step during the game. It will get you in a good position on every turn because your ready. Similar to the Fibonacci is the Whittaker strategy, that moves back one step after a loss. Also there is the reverse Fibonacci that you can try but isn't as effective.

With the use of this in Roulette your going too there with better odds. This is done by going back on the list and repeating the steps there. Achievement is by getting the win after trying on the sequence it has. For players who have never tried a strategy before this will help them. Instead of the average style they play it is going to give them an edge. Using a limit for loss will help them before it gets to late.

Lukas Mollberg

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