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Betting on eSports is more fashionable than ever. Every day, more and more bookmakers are offering eSports betting as part of their catalog, which is not surprising considering that this sport is already able to compete, in terms of audience, with some established sports.

According to some estimates, over 400 million viewers around the world currently follow eSports events, even if only occasionally, and the trend is clearly growing. This figure can rise to 550 million by the end of 2021. Based on this, it is easy to understand why eSports betting has been in high demand in recent years.

Some Important Facts about eSports

eSports originated at the dawn of the internet in the 1990s, with the game Netrek being considered by many to be the pioneer of online gaming. Since then, eSports have been gaining popularity and nowadays they have some characteristics that we at Casinoble would like to tell you about:

  • The eSports industry, according to estimates, generates annual revenue of 900 million dollars globally.
  • Numerous media outlets broadcast events and give news coverage to eSports, thus covering the demand of the legion of fans that follow them.
  • Major commercial brands are funding and sponsoring competitions, as well as teams and players who are turning professional.
  • There is a large mass of fans and professionals that make up the sector and are making it grow: more and more players are participating in the various championships and competitions, and more and more fans are increasingly demanding products for betting on eSports.

Best eSports Betting Websites

The growth of eSports in recent years is such that some betting sites are already betting heavily on this sport-electronic modality and offer their own sections on their websites. We have selected the best and included them in our analysis of online bookmakers. Take a look and check out the best betting sites on Casinoble UK and start enjoying!

Tips for Betting on eGames

Betting on eSports is easy, but to do it with guarantees we must follow some premises. As with any other sports betting, a thorough analysis of each bet we are going to place is vital if we want to become long-term winning players. But there are other variants that you must consider:

  • Analyze the players who are going to participate: especially when it comes to big events and well-known players, it is vital to know if the best players will participate in each game or will rest waiting for other more important events.
  • Use live betting: eSports also offer betting during the games, which allows players to take advantage of these bets.
  • Follow specialized tipsters: keeping up to date with all the information on eSports is not easy, as there is not as much information as in traditional sports. That's why following tipsters specialized in eGames can be a great idea to become a winning player in the long run.

Now that you know everything about what to bet on eSports, get your hands on the best sportsbook, online casino, or mobile casino in the UK and bet on the best eGames tournaments and enjoy this variant of eSports with all the excitement of sports betting.


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