The Best Female Blackjack Players

In the past, no one agreed that the casino world is for girls.

Everyone thought that the women re meant to be at home, raising the kids and cleaning the house.

Luckily, time is changing constantly, and these rules and stereotypes don’t apply anymore.

Everyone is free to do whatever they want, as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

And of course, the women are allowed to play blackjack.

But, out there in the world, who is the best of the best in this game?

Angie Hardy

This girl is literally the top of the blackjack world.

But, she wasn’t always this popular and good at blackjack.

She began playing in order to support her family and not run out of money.

As a single mom, she began playing online blackjack in order to earn some extra money on the side for her kid.

But, as she got better and better, she started being part of all kinds of tournaments and other championships.

Now, she is famous as ‘Mother Lioness’, since she started from the bottom.

Angie Hardy definitely is an inspiration that should really make you think that life, after all, isn’t that bad! 

Cathy Hulbert (Cat)

The ultimate woman in the blackjack business, Cathy Hilbert, or just casually known as Cat is the blackjack girl of your dreams.

As an independent woman, from the blackjack money that she has earned, she paid her college fees and is now a pro at casino games.

She officially lives in Las Vegas.

Even though at the beginning she was working as a blackjack dealer, she, later on, learned how to master this casino game.

Poker and blackjack are her way of survival, and she did it!

cat hulbert

Eleanore Dumont

Last but most certainly not the lest is the popular Eleanore Dumont.

She was the definition of ‘a rebellious girl’ and even though she was supposed to act like a lady, she went on and chased her dreams until her last breath.

In 2006, she was even nominated to have her own eternal space in the Poker Hall of Fame.

She was originally a french girl but she quickly moved to California in order to pursue her blackjack dreams.

She even had her own casino and was serving her guests bottles of champagne.

Eleanore is the perfect role model because she never let anyone boss her around and tell her what to do; she made those choices for herself.

eleanore dumont

The world is yet to completely unfold, and we honestly cant wait to see what will happen next.

But, just remember, women holding the blackjack game at their hands with ease is not something to be scared about.

And always remember, the best is always yet to come!


Ben Williams

Content Writer

Ben grew up in a small beach town on the Coromandel Peninsula. He spent most of his childhood surfing and playing rugby. After graduating from university in Auckland, he moved to Australia to work for a startup. He returned to New Zealand a few years later and started working in the iGaming industry.

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