The Starburst Slot | Explore Galaxies Far Away

With Starburst you make a hyper jump into space. Let yourself be transported to galaxies far away and experience galactic adventures. Travel in a spaceship past shining stars and collect precious jewels along the way. Starburst is not just any slot machine, it is a classic among online games, the star of the starry sky. The special thing about this game from NetEnt: there is not just one, but two ways to win! So, get started right away and play this popular game exclusively at the best online casinos NZ. Here’s more about this fascinating game!

Travel Into Space and Explore Infinite Galaxies with Starburst

A whole range of colorful symbols awaits you in Starburst. Hop from planet to planet at hyper-fast speed and collect all the precious gems. If you find the golden BAR symbol, the fun with Starburst slot will be crowned with lots of glittering gold coins. Have you already come across the Lucky Seven? Here's a hint: she orbits the earth.

Starburst Free with Free Spins only at Our Online Casinos

At Casinoble online casinos you can play Starburst completely free of charge in New Zealand. Just register with a few clicks. After that you can start the slot very easily. And off you go! For real money play, we recommend that you play only with us. Also, take advantage of the popular bonuses and Starburst free spins for that extra thrill in the casinos. With free spins you can try Starburst for free without having to pay a stake. Contrary to what you might think, you still have the chance to catch the precious jewels and win. 

Even More Features in Starburst | Overview

In Starburst, NetEnt does without features such as multipliers, which you know from other games. You will look for them in vain in this game. But this does not diminish the fun of the game at all! Because Starburst convinces with its specifically selected specials – like the Starburst Wilds. These are sparkling stars that shine in all colors of the rainbow. The Wilds appear on reels two, three and four and extend across the entire row. After that, you have the option to fill the other reels with the wild symbol as well with the help of free spins.

Whether Optics or Sound, Starburst Has it All

The gems in Starburst have very different shapes and colors. These brilliantly illuminated jewels make the Starburst slot so special. All other traditional symbols are graphically detailed and fitted into a modern environment. With this look, Starburst is one of the most graphically beautiful slot machines. And the background music is also unique. It is calm and melodious, but at the same time has a few surprises in store that will delight you. With this soundtrack, you will float weightlessly through space. The music of Starburst influenced the soundscape of many slots released after the forerunner.


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