Vivo Gaming’s Live American Roulette

American Roulette is a game enjoyed by lots of players. It didn't come as a shock when it appeared on the live online casinos. And we have to admit, Vivo Gaming goes a long way to let it feel so real.

This game's table is streamed directly from the Vivo gaming studio. As long as your internet connection is not severed, Vivo gaming live streams are always in its best qualities. The dealers are friendly and very interactive, there to help you have a good time.

Vivo Live American Roulette Play Guide

The live casino game begins with you dropping a wager. You can place various bets and alter them as you wish. However, note that your timer is active. Hence, when your time runs out, you won't be able to change your wagers. After placing your bets, the dealers spin a wheel, and the small ball is set loose.

This casino game has about 38 pockets, including 36 black and red numbers and two green zero positions. This arrangement gives the table an RTP of approximately 94.74%. Players can also place various inside and outside bets. The more challenging it's to win a wager, the bigger its payout.

Gamblers can make neighbor bets by using the racetrack at the bottom right corner. And if you like a particular bet, you can save it as a favorite to easily bet it again. Vivo gaming also included a page that allows you to monitor cold and hot numbers easily.

Payouts and Betting Options

Betting ranges are dependent on the online casino. Getting that out, the majority of the tables vary from as low as a dollar to 1000 dollars per spin. Note, however, available American roulette wagers are inside and outside bets.

It is easier to win other bets, as they deal with more numbers. Nevertheless, it has much lesser rewards. Even/Odd, Low/High, Black/Red, Dozen and columns are the outside bets. However, for the first three bets when won, they pay even money, while the last two pay 2 to 1.

Compared to Outside bets, Inside bets entails more risks, but it has higher payouts to supplement its risks.

Vivo Live American Roulette Additional Features and Symbols

As we earlier stated, the Vivo Gaming table allows you to play neighbor bets. Neighbour bets place your picked coin on that number and two numbers on either side of it on the wheel. Opposing how other software providers work, you can't alter the number of neighbors.

Succinctly, Vivo Gaming Live Roulette has many several advantages. Though most live games are similar, the strength lies in the software hosting the live dealer games. And as software, Vivo gaming has excelled. The video coverage quality is excellent, allows you to have the best gaming experience. The dealers are interactive and friendly. With Vivo gaming live American roulette, you get to have a fantastic roulette experience while at home.


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