Vivo Gaming’s Live Dragon Tiger: Everything You Need to Know

Online casinos that incline towards the Asian industry usually keep Baccarat and Dragon Tiger tables close to each other, even though many see Dragon Tiger as a variant of Baccarat.

In a comparison between Dragon Tiger and Baccarat, Dragon Tiger stands out because its table layout differs from that of Baccarat. Other than that, their structures are the same.

Those who invented the Vivo Dragon Tiger gaming software did not leave out the oriental design in the game’s environment. Even the table does not escape a touch of the oriental design. Vivo Gaming came up with a version of Dragon Tiger that brings together a long-established gaming environment and a more recent one, with state-of-the-art tech. They do this so they can create a simulation that matches the game’s traditional nature.

Playing Vivo Live Dragon Tiger

Any player that wants to participate in this live casino game would have to purchase the chips required to play it. Once they have done this, they place these chips on the range of bets available, and the system verifies them.

The choice of bets accessible on Live Dragon Tiger is Tiger, Tie, and Dragon. Once the system verifies the bets, the dealer picks out two cards from the box of cards. He puts one card on one side of the table with its face up and another on a different side of the table, still with its face up. The card with the higher value snatches the win.

In a game of Baccarat, the dealer can pull out extra cards at this juncture. For Dragon Tiger, it is a one-time thing.

Players should be aware that a timer regulates the betting process.

Benefits of Playing this Game

  • Vivo Gaming provides an option that allows players to tip their dealers. The option creates a genuine environment and fosters an amicable interaction between a player and their dealer.
  • It keeps current info on a player’s last win, bet, and balance.
  • It has several notice boards that display statistics and the outcomes of past rounds.
  • It allows players to choose from any of its two viewing modes.
  • In order to speed up the game, players can remove, rebet, and undo commands.

Wrap up

Vivo provides excellent gaming services that interested parties can access remotely through mobile devices. Vivo also provides mobile casino games, management tools, RNG games, and sports betting, asides from streaming dealer games live. It partners with major developers like Apollo Games, Tom Horn Gaming, and Rival to render a quality experience.


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