World’s Largest Next Generation Live Casino – Playtech

In February 2017, Playtech opened the world's largest next-generation Live Casino in Riga, Latvia. Inside the building, technology is in nearly every meter of the 8,500 square meter facility. Hundreds of state of the art cameras, custom made tables and gaming area and an advanced monitoring center fills the casino and will also be used to train all of Playtech Live's employees.


This new operation has been designed with a futuristic approach and will be remodeled to hold both hardware and software to give the casino players different gaming experience. Additional space for the gamers has been set aside who will be operating throughout the next year and further. The new campus also holds the online gaming industry's largest video wall. This large video wall is a whopping twenty-five meter wide LED curved screen and stretches across the back wall to help operators take control of visuals in real time. This huge screen can change the atmosphere of the facility in seconds. The new facility also includes a mission control center that monitors all gambling 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

The campus has a new dealer training area, a dealer feedback room, a lab for research and development, storage areas, a state of the art security system and even an innovations room where creators can bring their ideas to reality. This facility may be the largest in the world, but it is dedicated to its reputation as the leading, global provider of casino gaming, software, and services of the future.

Playtech Live has other studio locations in the Philippines, Spain, and Belgium and recently opened its doors of a new facility in Romania. By having facilities around the globe, it allows the operations to cater the increase in growth for the gaming market.

CEO of Playtech, Mor Weizer interviewed in 2017 and stated that the new facility is a huge step for live casino industries and no other company would be able to make a facility like this other than Playtech. Mor Weizer went on to say that Playtech's licensees' offerings have been future proofed as the new facility has come to completion. It allows for their players who will benefit from live casino offerings and it gives Playtech the platform to deliver innovative technology to their customers. This will bring flexibility and the casino completely able to deliver new products to their customers.

Lukas Mollberg

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