Yggdrasil and AvatarUX burst into action with the Popwins game, CherryPop


Top online casino gaming developer Yggdrasil recently partner with AvatarUX to develop a new Popwin game called CherryPop. This new casino game came out from their YG Masters program. In recent time this program has onboarded several new and prominent game developers from around the world.

AvatarUX is not a new name in the mobile casino game scene. Also, this new game makes use of AvatarUX's 5×3 Pop wins unique mechanic and pays in both ways. The winning spins can expand the reels up to 5×9 reels, where the winning symbols will pop to show tumbling win styles.

Activating Free Spins

Before a player can activate the free spin mode, he must have unlocked the entire reels via popping wins. After that, the player would open the three levels of free spins mode and multipliers. Other reels can be activated too.

This game also offers the players the privilege of putting on their free spins in the hope of earning more free wins. This is made possible via the Gamble wheel. In some cases, the players can proceed straight to the free spin stage using the Buy bonus feature.

CherryPop game is developed om the Yggdrasil GATI technology under the YG Masters partners program. This affords developers the privilege of using standard and regulation-ready toolkit to produce unique gaming content.

Yggdrasil already has a vast distribution network that enables all partners in their YG Masters program to gain a wider audience of viewership. This will therefore allow CherryPop game to achieve a more global audience and distribution.

What the Head of Part Had to Say

Yggdrasil's Head of partner program Stuart McCarthy noted that they are excited about this new game, making the third coming from AvatarUX. He added that the Popwin mechanism is genuinely innovative and will surely make for an industry hit. Stuart noted that the Yggdrasil team is excited to launch CherryPop into the market.

He finally added that the YG Masters program keeps getting more popular as new developers are showing interest in partnering with them, and more are being added.

The excitement is also the same from the side of AvatarUX. Her Managing Director Marcus Honney said that CherryPop utilizes AvatarUX unique mechanism and more thrilling themes to offer high win potentials to players. Also, the team is anxious to see how the numerous partners from around the world will react to the game.

Furthermore, he added that the YG Masters program has made their task more comfortable. This is because all they must focus on at AvatarUX is the aspect of game design. The new Popwin game is already spreading across the vast distribution network at Yggdrasil. He praised the GATI technology as he referred to it as every studio developer's dream. GATI made the process of integration into the partnership program a very flawless one.


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