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Nearly 63% of the internet globally, is accessed by mobile phones and tablets. Hence it's not surprising that the vast majority of online casinos are mobile-friendly.
And millions of gamblers play a quick game of blackjack or a couple of spins on the slots during their lunch hour. So how does mobile gaming work?

It's Generally about the Apps

Although there is mobile gambling without an application, generally, if players want to connect to an online gambling site with their smartphone, they must download an app, either from the casino itself, or the Google Play or the Apple Store.

That's because there is a significant amount of graphics involved, and there would often be a significant lag time in refreshing the graphics continuously without an app.

Once the app is downloaded, you load up some money to the live casino and begin to play away.

What Games Are Generally Available?

Naturally, it depends upon the mobile casino, but generally, at a minimum, casinos offer:

Some casinos offer other games such as Hi-lo, Carribean Poker, and Dream Catcher.

Does it Matter Whether I Use an Android or IOS phone?

Interestingly, yes it does. While most of the major gaming developers make develop games for both Android and IOS, a gambler has to check and make sure the live casino games they wish to play are supported for both modes of phones. Generally, the less popular he game, the fewer the developers who support both.

Does Internet Connection Matter?

Absolutely. Graphic intensive games demand a speedy internet, and unless you want the game to lag with all get-out, a customer should be connected to as fast internet as possible.

Connecting via Bluetooth to a broadband connection, or a WiFi is best. If not, a 4G service provider may work, but be cautious of any bandwidth limits an online casino game may bump against.

Only have a 3G connection? The best bet is to restrict gambling to a PC. With a mobile device, your experience of lagging will be so bad that the software will assume a gambler has folded in a game like Texas Hold'em, even when that's not their intention.

Enjoy the Fun!

A customer can't currently enjoy the full depth of an online casino on a mobile phone. However, as developers work out the kinks in the process, a gambler will increasingly be able to enjoy almost all of a casino's offerings.

Just be sure that as a customer, you constantly update your app to take advantage of new developments and games.

Besides, make sure to take part in the entire bonus adventure. Here are the best mobile and online casinos NZ, that we've rated personally on Casinoble:

  1. Ruby Fortune Casino
  2. Jackpot City Casino
  3. Spin Casino

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