Evolution Gaming Crazy Time Live Game

Evolution Gaming has continued to establish itself as a leading provider of live casino gaming software over the years. This makes them one of the best in the whole industry, with their dominance evident in every casino offering their games.

Recently at ICE 2020, Evolution Gaming exhibited twelve new live casino games. One of the twelve games is this Crazy Time Game, which quickly catches the eye.

Crazy Time Live Game has unique features and wheels similar to Monopoly Live, which is another excellent game by Evolution Gaming

This article provides a more in-depth insight into Crazy Time Game as the next progression of the lucky wheel category.

How to Play the Game

The average time required to play the game is five minutes. Crazy Time, recently released, combines the best features from two preceding games by Evolution Gaming. The games are Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live.

Below are the ways and steps to play Crazy Time

Visit the Live Casino Section

Browse for Crazy Time, and then select it. The casino will then lead the player to Evolution Gaming live studio where Crazy Time is being offered to all the players. The host of the game usually does this. The screen will be visible on the screen with the betting options displayed at the screen's base. 

Place Your Bets

Players can choose from eight different bet options available after deciding the amount they want to play with. Players can choose one or more bet according to their financial power. The game host spins the wheel, and the wheel starts turning.

The Multiplier is Set

Crazy Time wheel has fifty-four various segments with the eight bets divided between them. Although there are several number 1 segment, however, Crazy Time is found only in one segment.

At the start of every game, players have to set a multiplier to one of their bets. During the game, players can activate the multiplier when the wheel halts at a segment with the set bet. 

The Wheel Stops

Where the wheel stops matters a lot. If it stops at a bonus, then the bonus is triggered. However, if it stops at the segment which the player has placed a bet on, the player wins. In contrast, if the wheel does not stop in the player’s favor in both cases, players can only watch.

Bonus Game Starts

During the game, if the wheel halts at a bonus, then the bonus is played, after which all winners are paid. If the wheel also ends at a set number, the winners are delivered immediately. Players get their winnings credited to their account immediately they win.

Basics of the Crazy Time Live

The wheel is colorful, with each color representing various forms of win a player can get. 

The colors are purple 10x, pink 5x, yellow 2x, and blue 1x. Players bets on a random number, which they hope will land on the wheel. Then they receive the number as a prize once it lands on the wheel in their favor. 

Players can also place bets on any of the four unique feature offerings in the Crazy Time game. They have to place a bet on each of the features to qualify to score it. Players who did not bet on any bonus will be unable to play when the number is drawn. 

The game developer, Evolution Gaming, claims that players can go into the bonus round after the sixth spin. This bonus option boosts the players’ winning chances.


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