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The major problem solved by live instant roulette by Evolution Gaming is the time factor. Many players want to place bets as many times as possible within a short time. But in many cases, live games usually take a long time to reach completion.

In a live casino game, the dealer will want to entertain the viewers. The roulette ball must be spun, it moves a distance before rolling to the roulette wheel where it will continue its journey. By the time it finally stops and the result announced, an appreciable time has gone. While many people find it interesting and entertaining some also believe the time could have been used to play more rounds of games.

If you want a live game but with a speed of light, then instant roulette is for you.

Evolution Live Instant Roulette – How it Works

Instant Roulette by Evolution Gaming uses 12 wheels each spinning independently and starting at different times. Therefore in every 15 to 20 seconds, there will be a wheel ending its round. As such, when a player places a bet, it will automatically go to the wheel that is closest to completion.

The arrangement of the wheel coming to rest at different times ensures there is no waiting period for betting and there is also no closing time. You can place your bet anytime and get the result instantly. However, if you prefer a particular wheel, you can always wait for it.

Features of Evolution Live Instant Roulette

Evolution Gaming Live Instant Roulette wheel is the same as a standard European roulette wheel. It has 37 numbers including a single 0. However, the casino game combines 12 wheels working separately to ensure a speedy outcome.

Another special feature of the game is the absence of a dealer. Although the game is live-streamed in real-time from a studio, there is no dealer. This is done to minimized time spent.  

Main Features

  • Software Provider: Evolution Gaming
  • Game Type: Live Casino Roulette
  • Return to Player: 97.3%

How to Play Live Instant Roulette

In this game, there is no closing time. Choose the amount you want to bet by clicking on any of the available options. Place it on the number you want to bet on. Then click on “Play Now.” Your bet will be placed immediately on the wheel that is closest to completion and you can expect results in a few seconds.

Pros of Live Instant Roulette

  • There is no closing time to place a bet
  • High return to layer
  • Instant result

Cons of Live Instant Roulette

  • Absent of a dealer


Evolution Gaming live instant roulette uses twelve wheels hence making it possible to place a bet as much as 200 times in an hour. There is no closing time to place a bet and you will get the result almost instantly. However, there is no dealer.


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