Playtech Live Slots and Quantum Blackjack

The Evolution and Rise of Playtech in the Online Casino Realm

Navigating the dynamic landscape of online gambling, Playtech stands as a beacon of innovation. Their recent unveiling of Quantum Blackjack and Live Slots reinforces their stature in gambling technology.


Playtech's Revolutionary Live Slots

Live Slots, launched alongside the highly acclaimed Buffalo Blitz, revolutionizes the way players engage with slots. Key features include:

  • Community Spins: For the first time, players can engage in a communal gaming experience, playing a unified game.
  • Live Studio and Host: Elevating the experience, a host provides engaging commentary, mimicking a game show vibe.
  • Automatic Gameplay: Players set their preferences, and the game takes care of the rest, spinning at regular intervals.
  • Bonus Features: Notably, Live Slots pioneers in integrating Free Spins bonuses in a live arena setting.

Quantum Blackjack: A Game-Changer

Following Quantum Roulette's trailblazing success, Quantum Blackjack emerges as the first-ever multiplier-based Blackjack game. The excitement intensifies as:

  • After bets are placed, up to three cards are drawn.
  • Players can snag multipliers of X3, X5, or a whopping X10.
  • Lucky players who land these cards and outplay the dealer can amplify their wins, reaping rewards up to 1000X their stake.

Playtech's Unparalleled Growth

Within a year, Playtech outdid itself, releasing more Live Casino Games than any competitor. Their focus remains unwavering: crafting the most immersive and versatile live content the gambling world has seen.

Kevin Kilminster, Playtech's Head of Innovation for Live Casino, acknowledges 2019 as a groundbreaking year. Their increased emphasis on enriching player experiences has paved the way for Live Slots, an industry first. With live streaming gaining momentum, this innovation echoes the thrill players seek, reminiscent of land-based casino interactions.

Quantum Roulette's success story of 2019 speaks volumes about Playtech's commitment to ingenuity. Given its unique multiplier win concept, coupled with an immersive atmosphere, Playtech foresees Quantum Blackjack carving a similar success story, potentially influencing future Quantum releases. Beyond these, Playtech's portfolio grew with over 20 new live variations in 2019, including American Roulette, All Bets Blackjack, Casino Stud Poker, and Dragon Jackpot Baccarat. As we inch closer to 2023, Playtech's aspirations soar higher.

Playtech's Legacy

Playtech's offerings, including Quantum Blackjack and Live Slots, are globally accessible via the Playtech Live Casino network. Founded in 1999 and later securing a premium spot on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, Playtech's journey from a fledgling startup to a tech vanguard in the gambling and financial sectors is commendable.

In Summary

Playtech, a stalwart in gambling technology, has further solidified its reputation with the introduction of Quantum Blackjack and Live Slots. Pioneering innovations and a steadfast commitment to enhancing user experiences ensure Playtech remains at the forefront of the online gambling industry.


  1. What makes Quantum Blackjack unique?

    • Quantum Blackjack stands out as the first multiplier-based Blackjack game, offering players the chance to amplify their wins up to 1000X their stake.
  2. How does Live Slots enhance the gaming experience?

    • Live Slots introduces the concept of “community spins”, allowing players to engage in a shared gaming experience, further enriched by a live host and automatic gameplay features.
  3. Has Playtech introduced any other innovative games recently?

    • Yes, apart from Quantum Blackjack and Live Slots, Playtech introduced over 20 new live variations in 2019, including American Roulette and Dragon Jackpot Baccarat.

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