Rules of etiquette and how to behave properly at live casino

Many people choose to play online casinos because they’re convenient and you can play at home and right from your PC. However, that does not mean that no rules of etiquette apply and you can do what you feel like doing at the live casino. If you follow the rules of etiquette and behave properly you can have a great time at any online casino of your choice.

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First of all, whichever game you chose to play you should know the rules of the live casino game and not try to pick them up as you go along. These are live dealer games so you have to be well versed in the rules. To begin you can first try the automated table games at the online casino. This will give you a chance to play at your own speed and you can try out the games before you actually bet real money. Keep in mind that the live casino dealers do not always have time to explain the table games that are available so it is best you already know all about the game.

Once you are ready to begin playing take a look at the minimum and maximum bets available at the various tables. Always choose the table at which you can afford to place bets. There are tables available for all types of budgets. Just like at a real casino if you take a seat at a table you must be prepared to play otherwise you are taking up the seat and other players cannot play.

It does not matter that you are not at a casino but at a casino online the same rules apply about drinking. So don’t drink so much that you lose your judgment when it comes to betting. You also don’t want to become rude to the live dealers and to the other players. You’ll just suffer the shame of being asked to leave the table.

Keep in mind that the live dealers deserve the same courtesy as those that you would be face to face at an actual casino. So being polite is the name of the game. Say hello and thank you when you first sit at the table and say thank you when you leave the table. Remember that all the live dealers must always follow all the rules and regulations so do not expect any special treatment like asking him or her to go slower or faster or giving you more time to bet. You are not the only one at the table and you have to show respect to the other players. If you have a bad day and you lose more than you win to keep in mind that this is not the live dealer's fault just chalk it up to bad luck for that day and leave the table.

Always be courteous and polite to the other players who are at the table with you. You can interact with other players through the chat window. It will make your time at the table more pleasant if you and the other players can have a good time and enjoy having the chance to win some money. Keep in mind that you should never offer tips to the other player because each one has their own style of playing and you should never offer your thoughts on their particular gaming techniques.

So when it comes to playing at an online casino if you follow the rules of the games and the rules of online casino etiquette you can have a really good time and win some money

Lukas Mollberg

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