The Best 5 Places Every Casino Lover Should Visit

Online casinos are the future of gaming, and according to multiple pieces of research — more than 90% of all gaming activities will take place on online platforms by 2030. However, the physical casinos are still unmatched in terms of physical spinning reels.
The casino world is as old as civilization, and although it has changed over the years, the ideals and philosophy of casinos have remained intact. For an authentic gaming experience, the following are the best five places every casino lover should put on their bucket list.

1. Casino di Venezia

Imagine playing your favourite game in a 381-year old casino — one of the oldest in the world. This is the dream of every player. Casino di Venezia — located in the heart of Italy — is home to some of the oldest casino experiences.

Historical reports indicate that prominent people in Italian society played in this ancient casino. Although the only way to access this beautiful old casino is by water taxi, the experience is worth every challenge.

Due to the history of this brilliant casino, major tournaments in the world of gaming have selected Casino di Venezia — as the ultimate venue. It is, however, important to note that the casino has undergone many renovations for sustainability purposes.

2. Casino de Spa

Casino de Spa is another gem in the world of gaming and it is located in Belgium. Unlike other casinos on this list, it has undergone multiple renovations. After 256 years — of constant renovations and threats — the casino is intact.

Casino de Spa is home to some of the oldest games and gaming experiences. For example, the casino is one of the few ancient casinos with over a hundred slot machines and tens of live game options and table games.

Due to Casino de Spa's rich history, people from all over the world have visited this ancient casino to enjoy an ancient touch of roulette, poker, and blackjack.

3. Kurhaus of Baden-Baden 

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is a fascinating casino. For more than 185 years, this casino has hosted people from all around the world. Especially during the period when gambling was a crime in France.

Unlike most casinos on this list, it is the only casino with a spa resort and a spacious conference hall. Due to Kurhaus of Baden-Baden's spacious facilities, it is home to international sporting conferences and scriptwriters have used this casino as an aspiration to write award-winning movies — such as “The Gambler.“

In addition, major chess tournaments have happened in this ancient casino.

4. Casino de Monte-Carlo

For the political class in Monaco, the casino is more than a place to play some ancient-inspired games — but is a symbol of pride and sustainability. Constructed in 1856 — by a loyal family — the casino helped Monaco to avoid bankruptcy.

Apart from its rich history, this casino is home to some of the best French-inspired games such as Trente et Quarante, Texas Hold’em and Blackjack. In addition to the wide collection of French-inspired games, the casino has one of the best interior décors. Especially for anybody interested in playing casino in a traditional setting.

It is estimated that thousands of players across the world visit Casino de Monte-Carlo for new gaming experiences.

5. Golden Gate Casino

The casino is one of the oldest surviving casinos in Las Vegas. Like most casinos in other parts of the world, Golden Gate Casino has experienced its share of challenges.

The infamous 1909 gambling ban affected the casino but after the ban — Golden Gate Casino came back to business. Apart from being home to some of the best gaming experiences, the casino gives an unmatched gaming experience.

This experience is the main reason why gamers from all around the world consider Golden Gate Casino as a gaming haven.

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