Tips to check out to avoid fake mobile casinos

Online gambling is great. A gambler can sit with a beer in one hand, and pizza within reaching distance, and enjoy some of the most exciting “Las Vegas-Style” gambling imagineable, all without dressing up, booking a hotel or airfare, and paying ridiculous resort fees.

But not all that glitters in the online casino world is gold. For every legitimate, licensed online casino, there may be hundreds of unlicensed casinos. And even if the casino a gambler is playing at is licensed, that doesn't mean there is that much oversight.

So, how do you tell the difference?


Where is the casino's license?

Legitimate mobile online casinos recognize the distrust that people have for gambling over the internet, so potential customers should have no trouble finding out if an online casino is licensed or not. Probably, there will be a license number and license information on the bottom of every page.

Never gamble at an online casino that is unlicensed. Why, because you are guaranteed to lose big time with your gambling.

Virtually every game in a casino uses a random number generator, a computerized program that assigns a mathematical value to everything, whether it be the wheels of a slot machine or the spinning of slot wheels, hundreds of times over, and then the end result is truly a random event.

Physical casinos like in Las Vegas also use random number generators, which is why there is no such thing as a slot machine that is “due to hit.”

In a game like blackjack, for example, the casino has a betting edge of around 1 percent a little over 5 percent for roulette and up to 17 percent for slot machines.

The random number generators of licensed casinos are carefully regulated by outside verifying agencies. Not so with an unregulated casino.

By carefully skewing how the random number generator works, that 1 percent odds for blackjack could skyrocket to10 or 12 percent, and with the slot odds, the house could have a 50 percent house advantage.

Even if the casino is regulated, find out where? For example, online casinos regulated by Malta or the UK are great, and if a casino wishes to be regulated by these countries, the generally have to pay thousands of dollars in upfront fees. However, if the regulator is an Indian tribe in Canada, or a Carribean Island such as Antigua, or a country in South America, then watch out. They have less than stellar reputations.

How can you buy in?

With all online casinos, you have to make an online deposit. Does the casino accept PayPal, or a major credit card such as Visa? Then most likely they are okay because these companies spend a great deal of time and energy weeding out fraudulent companies.

On the other hand, if the only way to buy in is to go through some obscure 3rd party, then watch out. It could be a scam.

Very slow payouts

Unlicensed companies, in addition to skewing the random number generator, are reluctant to make payouts. They always have an excuse for why your money is delayed. Not so with a legitimate, online casino.

Practically non-existent customer service

Research carefully, and if there is no customer service number, you're probably looking at a scam, unlicensed casino.

Outrageous bonuses

To keep customers, online casinos are generally quite generous with bonuses. However, if a casino offers a 2,000 percent buy-in bonus, it's logical to understand that no customer is going to legitimately cash-out those bonuses. The bonus is just a come-on to attract gamblers.

Lukas Mollberg

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