EG: Hand Casino Hold’em & Free Bet Blackjack

Over the past few years, Evolution Gaming has become one of the leading providers of Live Casino solutions across the country. Much of this has been because the company emphasizes developing proprietary technology that enhances the player experience in each online gambling game it offers. In recent years, the company generated several successful games. Free Bet Blackjack and 2 Hand Casino Hold'em are new additions to Evolution Gaming's repertoire.


Free Bet Blackjack is part of Evolution's ‘Infinite' family of games; the range received the name as they offer an unlimited number of player seats at one table. One of the more notable titles that Evolution Gaming released in the range was Infinite Blackjack, with shares a few different features with Free Bet Blackjack. The availability of free Double Down and Split bets depends on the game. Powered by Evolution Gaming's proprietary technology, players are dealt a single hand, regardless of how many are at the table.

What Happens Next?

After the initial hand, players can bet like in regular blackjack. Free Double Down bets are a significant feature, although they're only available on hard 9, 10, and 11 totals. Free Split bets are automatically given for any qualified pairs, barring 10s. Players can also make side bets. Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3, and Bust It is famous, and Six Card Charlie can be added.

2 Hand Casino

2 Hand Casino Hold'em is one of Evolution Gaming's revolutionary online gambling games. This is another of the company's Infinite games, like Free Bet Blackjack. Players can choose between two alternative starting hands. 2 Hand Casino Hold'em differs from standard poker in other ways. The optional AA Bonus bet can add excitement and speed for many players.

Optional Bet

Evolution Gaming says the discretionary bet and hand selection have changed how gamblers play. 2 Hand Casino Hold'em is 70% more popular than the usual online game, according to Evolution. The online gambling behemoth said the new edition offers more betting possibilities, a bigger chance of winning, and more fun. With Free Bet Blackjack, Evolution Gaming has noted that it has been a popular form of the game in traditional casinos across the world, so the company is confident that it will be a hit in online casinos, especially when combined with the innovative technology and extra features that the firm has added.

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