Everything You Need to Know About Second Chance Bonuses

Modern casinos offer a vast diversity of bonuses.

They all come in varying amounts and forms.

But have you ever heard of a second chance bonus?

As the name implies, this bonus provides you, as a player, a second chance to win.

So, even if luck isn’t at your side at the moment, you can ease or decrease your losses.

If you are interested in the second chance bonus, you can learn more about it in the following paragraphs.

The Basics of Second Chance Bonuses

The second chance bonus is built as a segregated model.

More specifically, real balance and bonus balance are treated separately.

But what does this mean for you as a player?

When you bet your real money, they are placed in a separate account.

They can lead to real winnings and are not subject to wagering requirements.

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So, you can choose to withdraw your funds whenever you feel like it.

The bonus balance comes with playthrough requirements.

However, the second chance bonus allows you to skip exploiting risks.

This means that you may also forfeit the bonus advantages.

Generally, the second chance bonuses are integrated within slots on online casinos.

This is a great advantage for players who like to limit their spending.

So whenever they feel at risk, they can withdraw their current money balance.

However, they might lose potential winnings from welcome bonuses, packages, or refer-a-friend deals.

We will explain how the regular bonuses work to better understand the second chance bonus. 

Regular Casino Bonuses

As mentioned before, casinos offer numerous bonuses of distinct types, shapes, or sizes.

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What connects all these bonuses is their structure.

More specifically, the real money balance and the bonus balance are combined.

So, you have a single account in the casino or game as a player.

The joint balance is subject to all wagering requirements.

This means that all credits and deductions apply to a single amount.

To simplify, you cannot withdraw your money when you desire.

You must fulfill all bonus conditions and requirements to get your money.

Generally, the maximum that players can withdraw is the money they have initially deposited.

Final Thoughts

Second chance bonuses offer more flexibility to players.

Your winnings and initial bets are placed in a single account.

So, whenever you feel you have had enough, you can take your funds and leave the game.

On the contrary, traditional casino bonuses impose some conditions.

You are obliged to fulfill the bonus requirements and even then leave the game.

This may result in high-end earnings, but you may also lose more money.

That’s why risk-averse people prefer second chance bonuses.

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