How Good Are Live Evolution’s Live Roulette Games?

If you are looking for the top live dealer roulette platform, Evolution gaming is the answer. Their primary focus is on live casino games, and they live up to expectations. This is evident by their dominance of live casino games, especially roulette. This dominance has been attested to by both reviewers and players of live casino games.

You will find their live roulette games in the arsenal of popular online casinos. Evolution offers a wide variety of roulette tables, some of which are carefully selected for countries.

They also feature Live Dealers speaking native in more than ten languages. Some of them are Deutsches, Turkish, Norwegian, Italian (Venezia), Greek, Swedish (Svenk), Flemish, French, and Danish (Dansk).

All their dealers are usually chatty and friendly; Evolution sometimes uses models as dealers that players even flirt with but politely.

After each spin, the dealer alters the wheel's rotating direction in some tables while repeatedly spinning the wheel in the same order in other tables. They believe that this rotation and spinning makes the game faster and saves time.

Evolution also offers an advanced roulette modification that features two balls and is called the Double Ball roulette.

Evolution is distinct from others because of these three things:

The Dealers

Their outstanding Immersive roulette features top female model territory dealers. These dealers display a slow-motion close-up replay video showing the roulette ball drop on the number pocket after each spin. This enhances the live games' experience by adding lots of adrenaline, trustworthiness, excitement, and engagement to it.

Great Interface

Evolution games are thoroughly thought out. After spinning the ball, their games display the wheel in full because of the unique camera angles.

The interface of Evolution games usually shows stats of previous spins. These stats of past spins help roulette players to develop roulette strategies, hence their obsession with it.

They also offer a well presented with stat you can see anywhere. Evolution carefully designed their stat, putting the player in mind.

Selection of Live Casino Game and Roulette

Many of Evolution live roulette games have different labels, names, and tags, but the games are not different. There are no real differences in the games despite having different names. 

The games are the same; the only difference is usually the language the dealer speaks or the game's background.

For instance, as far as live roulette is concerned, they offer three major types:

  • Live dealer roulette available in many languages.
  • Immersive roulette which is an exceptional type of live roulette
  • Automatic roulette which does not involve any live dealer
  • In some Evolution games, especially their live dealer roulette, the dealer spins the wheel in one direction. This helps to make the game fast and alters the direction of and wheel after each spin.

Lukas Mollberg

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