Living the dream of working full-time playing poker

A friend wanted to commit to playing poker for a living and was so convinced of this goal he didn’t want anyone to convince him otherwise. His father told him that this is an awesome fun idea, but before you start this journey, do some research first, and that he did.


Don't be discourage and learn the sweet facts

Playing poker for a living sounds like a dream for many people, especially those who love the world of casino gambling. Before deciding to partake in playing poker full-time, it is essential with anyone who chooses to do so, he or she must have patience and discipline. Sitting in front and staring at a computer screen for hours will drive anyone crazy. It is also common for players to not get any cards while playing and their luck of winning to go up and down. This shouldn’t discourage anyone who wants to pursue this dream because this is apart from the beautiful world of online casino gambling.

Advantages of playing poker for a living

There are plenty of advantages of pursuing this career, such as setting work hours and choosing to play any day or time of the week. One full-time player has taken multiple days off as he wanted in a month without the worry of getting fired or written up by his manager. What a sweet luxury and a lucky guy! Probably one of the most rewarding parts of playing poker for a living is that players are getting paid to play the most compelling game in the entire world. It is vital to keep in mind that wild swings are bound to happen, but with discipline and real dedication, any player can do well even when the cards aren't going their way.

Disadvantages of playing poker for a living

Now, here are the not so fun parts of playing poker for a living, they are known as disadvantages. The three common cons of this dream job are the following, no set income, mental exhaustion, and less time spent with family. It is standard with new players, especially when starting, going the first few months with experiencing a loss in total earnings. A simple solution is to learn to cope with this and build a source of confidence in winning eventually. It is a grind for sure, which will cause mental exhaustion. Most new players will have to find it within themselves and tough it out so they can pay their bills and put food on their tables. Now, if a player doesn’t have a big family, then he or she will not have to worry about spending less time with them. Regardless, playing poker for money full-time is a grind and will cause a player to spend most their time alone.

Playing poker for a living is an incredibly exciting adventure, but it is crucial to understand the pros and cons and not be discouraged by the disadvantages. Dream BIG and follow them because life is a gamble.

Lukas Mollberg

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