The History of Cards

Have you ever wondered how the casino playing cards got to where they are now?

What about their history and why do they look, like the way they do?

Even though you may think that they are a brand new human invention, the playing cards are actually way older than you would assume they are.

And their rich history from all around the world can prove that to you as well.

Let’s find out the actual beginnings of the playing cards.

And how did they manage to hop the difficulties of the past and get to where are they now!

The Earliest Roots of the Playing Cards (The East)

You may or may not expect this, but the earliest beginnings of the casino world were in Asia.

To be specific, the Tang dynasty started practicing all kinds of games based on the so-called cards that were unpopular at that time.

The word began to spread among the other dynasties and soon it grew to be a very famous game to play when you’re bored.

The rich people were only doing it because they considered that the poor people ‘just couldn’t play this game. It wasn’t suitable for their status’.

The cards didn’t look like the modern ones that we all know, but it was a really good start.

From China and its dynasties, the famous paying cards and their word got spread through India, Korea, Persia, and Egypt.

ancient chinese deck

Europe in the 14th Century

Germany, Italy, Spain, and France were the European countries that were famous for their touch with art and high culture.

That’s how the word for playing cards got to them as well, and alter on spread through all Europe.

These few countries started to regularly play cards out of fun, but later on, it grew into more of a business.

Each country had its own version of the card decks.

And soon they began drawing kings, queens, knights, and horses on the cards as a design.

ancient german deck

France and Its Big Impact on the Modern Playing Cards 

We mentioned France here as a separate part of the card culture.

Because, without this country, the modern deck of today wouldn’t exist.

This country got the classic 52 cards deck while the other European countries had their own version as well.

Soon, people started to like the french version the most out of every other deck and it quickly became popular enough to spread across the sea to the USA.

It had the classic suits (heart, diamond, spade, club) and it had drawings on the biggest cards in the deck. Just like the modern cards that we are familiar with today.

The cards made a long way across the world in order to get to their current position in the world: the gambling industry.

We couldn’t imagine the casino world without it.

And it certainly is one of the best inventions of mankind in the whole world.

Lukas Mollberg

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