Understanding Betting Ranges for Online Slots



Online casino players enjoy the numerous betting options of online slot games. These games allow players to determine the coin size, amount of coins per line, and pay lines before they play. With this, players can easily decide whether to go for low or high stakes in live casinos.

In case you might be wondering if you would go for a high stake or a low one, here are the individual advantages:

  • If you should go for a high stake, you will stand the chance of cashing out a big profit. The higher your stake, the higher your reward if your bet turns out good.
  • If you should go for a low stake, you will end up playing multiple slot games and catch more fun in the process of winning.

Normal Betting Range in Online Slot Games

The betting range for an online casino game is usually affected by the three variables below

  • Stake size
  • Number of Coins in a line
  • Number of Paylines

The coin size (also known as stake size) allows players to adjust the stake in a pay line. For example, if a player spends a 0.05$ coin in 25lines, on each spin, he will be at the risk of losing 1.25$.

The option for changing coins exists in almost every type of slot; therefore, you need to be aware of it so that you can use it in your next game.

Different Betting Ranges

Most slots use a fixed pay line option. However, some slot games allow players to use different types of coins on individual pay lines. That means a player can get to use between 1-10 coins per pay line. Some slot games allow players to choose between 1-20 number of pay lines.

As more games are being developed in recent times, the trend among the new slot games it that players are offered a stake range. This option works based on a fixed pay line option or variable mega ways. This features a slider that goes lower or higher.

Putting these different factors into consideration, you will discover that there can be a huge variation in the betting rate of one online slot game to another. Generally, the amount that players can wager in an average slot is from between 0.20$ to 100$ per spin.

This is not always the case, though. Some bitcoin casino slot games allow players to stake as low as 1cent and as high as 1000$ per spin. So, the value we gave only applies to the average online slot games.

Therefore, when we talk about staking a small amount in an average slot game, you are staking from as low as 0.20$ per round. And a big amount will be anywhere from between 10$ to 100$ per round in the game.


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