XPRO Gaming and their Live Studios

In the last two decades, the casino world has been home to innovations and flexibility. XPRO Gaming — the most innovative entity in this market — is an embodiment of flexibility in the world of online casino. According to gaming pundits, XPRO Gaming is also a perfect illustration that developers can still create gaming options that are not only modern and easy to play but also spice up the traditional games such as spinning roulette.


In the last 14 years, this platform has single-handedly revolutionized the gaming world. Although XPRO Gaming has undergone different changes and re-branding, the authenticity of the platform has never changed. In order to give the players better gaming experience, the creators of XPRO Gaming have worked with some of the best firms in the world of gaming. According to the management of XPRO Gaming, the main reason why they are open to partnerships is to enable them to be player-centered and give clients the best services.

The studio is one of the few modern casinos that are multilingual, and this feature means that the XPRO Gaming studio is created for many and different players. Depending on one’s native language, it is possible to play on this studio with minimal or no difficulties. The creators of XPRO Gaming studio had a mission — of making the platform a hub for international players.

Although these studios are home to some of the best technologies in the gaming world, the authenticity of classic casinos is not lost. For seasoned casino players, XPRO Gaming studio is not different in terms of feeling and structure. The familiarity, together with improved UI makes this studio the future of gaming in Asia and Europe.

XPRO Gaming studio is the first ever entity in this market to invest in HD streaming — throughout the day, every day. It is, therefore, possible to play over ten games live casino games (plus other available games) on HD streaming without time restrictions. Prior to these studios, the available options did not have HD streaming options, and this limited most players.

Second, the studio space has some of the best technologies in the gaming world, and according to experts, the primary purpose of technology is to improve the UI (user interface). Working with Cammegh in this project was not only vital for XPRO Gaming, but the decision to work with the industry leaders was timely to millions of gamers.

For a studio facility, the quality of sound and video recording is key, and it is interesting to note that this studio has the best combination of sound and video qualities. Although most gaming professionals associate sound and video capacities with UI, the two might be related but different. When playing in this studio, it is not farfetched to experience any of the 11 live games differently.

Finally, the gaming space is friendly and professional. When playing a favorite game, the last thing any casino player wants to experience is unprofessional interaction with the studio representatives. All the studio representatives are products of the best training, and they understand the scope of each game well. Therefore, these professionals handle each complaint from the players with understanding and care.

Lastly, with all the above features, it is correct to state that the XPRO Gaming is the future of gaming. In the last 14 years, the casino has not only received some of the best reviews from gamers, but the studio has also illustrated its versatility is the world of many options. All the changes and improvements have also illustrated the management's commitment to being the industry leader.

Lukas Mollberg

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