Enjoy New Live Blackjack from Pragmatic Play

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pragmatic Play, where every game and selection is a roadmap into a brand-new world. Players are going to be able to enjoy two new games with Pragmatic.

The new games involve “Auto-Stand” and “Deal Now”!

What is the reason for the two new live casino games? The main reason is due to upgrades to the system recently. The great thing about these new updates is that they cannot be found anywhere else in the live casino world. How cool is that!

An example is the Auto Stand feature. Players will not be able to find that anywhere else. The Live BlackJack is becoming one of (if not the fastest) one on the market for casino lovers.

What does Auto Stand do?

It cuts the time players wait by twenty-five percent. That way, players spend less time waiting for a game to start or waiting for something to finish up in their current game.

The player selects the number of cards they want to play, and the system does the rest.

The Auto Stand kicks in, when players reach the minimum points. Players have more control over the BlackJack tables. They hit the Deal Now button, ready to make their bets.

Every choice players make gets optimized more efficiently.

The other great thing about the new features is players can select their choices without waiting in line. That is something many players have been frustrated about, with previous games like BlackJack.

Players do not have to wait until they are up at the table to pick up. The selections tallied when the players arrive.

Pragmatic Play has made a lot of deals recently. Players can expect more surprises to come their way within the next year.

“This is a big game-changer for Pragmatic Player. The company did not think these options were possible a few years back. Now the options are there. Pragmatic's code is about making the players happy. These are changes that will make them happy. it is also great for investors. They get something out of the new features too. The happier the players are, the more the investors will want to invest in the company's products”.

Chief Business Developer At Pragmatic Play

According to company executives at Pragmatic Play, players can expect more great things. These new features are just the beginning of a new, exciting, and wild ride.

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